How To Check If A Website Has Been Blacklisted By Google/ Banned By Adsense

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How To Check If A Website Has Been Blacklisted By Google/ Banned By Adsense


Post by admin » February 18th, 2018, 12:34 pm

Many websites are being banned by Adsense from using their service daily, also several are blacklisted by Google everyday.
A banned website by Adsense will never be allowed to use Adsense for it's monetization again while a blacklisted website by Google will never get indexed by google search engine i.e when someone tries to get an information from google, even when that information is available on your site, google will not list your site for it, and it will cost you from getting organic traffic.

Why Is It Important To Know If A Site Is Blacklisted by Google/Banned By Adsense
1. If you are looking forward to buy an already existing website, then it is important to check the status of the site before making any payment.

2. If you suddenly notice a decline in your website traffic - it is very important to conduct a ban check as this is one of the major reason why you can have a sudden drop in your web traffic.

How To If Your Domain Has Been Banned By Google
A common method to do this is by performing a site search on Google. Visit from your browser and search "" . For instance if you want to check if this site is blacklisted, type in "" and search on Google. From your search, you will get the result for all indexed page by google.

How To Check If A Site Has Been Banned From Using Adsense
There are several tools used by webmasters to check Adsense ban status of a website but there is one that seems to be more reliable which is [b{Bannedcheck[/b].
To use this visit and enter the domain name in the box provided and click on submit.
If your site is not banned, you will get a result similar to this
Adsense Results:
Congratulations, is Not Banned from Google AdSense!

Google Results:
Congratulations, currently has pages indexed by, therefore is Not Banned from the Google Search Engine!

I hope you enjoyed this piece, if there are questions you'll like to ask, please drop them below.




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