How To Set Preferred Domain In Google Webmaster Tool

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How To Set Preferred Domain In Google Webmaster Tool


Post by admin » March 20th, 2018, 7:41 pm

It is very important for every webmaster to tell or instruct google & other search engines which of their URL version to be indexed. If you don't set this google might see your website as two different site and you will definitely loose ranking for duplicate content on search engine. For instance, if google index topics on this site as and then later reindex them as, google might mistake this as two separate website and will tag the site as having duplicate contents.
Here you will tell google to see the two URL as just one and to also list your pages on search engine using the one you prefer between www or non-www.

1. Sign in to your Google webmaster tool dashboard.

2. Navigate to the right corner and click on where the gear icon is.
3. From the options displayed click on site settings to select your preferred URL
4. Click save.




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