Which Is The Best Web Browser and Why?

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Which Is The Best Web Browser and Why?


Post by wiztech » April 12th, 2018, 4:19 pm

Hello guys, it's your boy again wiztech. Let's have a quick discussion on web browsers. :)
Personally I use UC browser on my Android device and Chrome on my PC. Although I have other browsers on my phone and PC but I prefer to use these two.
Here are my reasons for choosing UC browser for my Android.
UC browser is the most downloaded and used browser in India, even though I am a Nigerian but it shows that it is a very popular browser.
Nightmode - The fact that I didn't have to download an extension to use this feature is a plus for me compared to some other browsers where you have to do so before you use the feature.

Adblock - This feature does the job for me by blocking all the annoying ads and pop up from web pages.

Data Saving - This browser is probably the best when you are considering to save data. Whenever I visit any website that has videos I'll get notifications weather to allow the video play or not. It is very useful when I decide to save my data.

Smart Download - When downloading with this browser, if there is any network failure or timeout, it resume just from the point where it was interrupted without having to start from the beginning.

I have just one main reason for using Chrome on my PC, and this is download feature. The download feature can resume download after a network interruption and the downloading file can also resume even when you shut down as long as you didn't cancel the downloading file.

What browser(s) do you use, why do you choose to use them?
Looking to see recommendations and will likely test them out to see if they'll perform better than the listed above.



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Which Is The Best Web Browser and Why?


Post by Profolaafe » April 25th, 2018, 11:35 am

I am a favorite of Google chrome
It loads faster and also allows notification from sites.
Also saves data and is able to access all links compared to Opera
On PC, I love both Firefox and Chrome



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