Can Adsense Be Used With Other Pop-Up/Pop-Under Ads?

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Can Adsense Be Used With Other Pop-Up/Pop-Under Ads?


Post by luminous » May 21st, 2018, 9:13 am

I think I should share this, I see many websites that still uses pop-up/pop-under ads along with Adsense. This is wrong and it will get you banned pretty soon.
Many will argue this that as long as it is adverts for other ad network, it should allowed.

Sorry, it is not and it has been addressed in clear terms by Adsense here, so do the needful now to avoid story that touch. :cry:

And if you think you can't do away with those pop-up and pop-under you can use them only on pages that doesn't have Adsense (sign up and registration page) or you alternate them with Adsense.




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