Top 4 New Google Adsense Rules You Simply Cannot Do Without In 2019

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Top 4 New Google Adsense Rules You Simply Cannot Do Without In 2019


Post by kabsedo » January 18th, 2019, 8:11 pm

We will not have to assert that these are the rules that the new policy Google Adsense specifically created, but we have decided to bring up these guides to help bloggers keep safe as Adsense users.

These rules we developed are something we have taken a close look at and we have seen them work on every blogging platforms we have used it on.

So read these guides very well and please adhere to them.

So in 2018, several rules have evolved as per Google Adsense users as they (The Google Adsense Team) have decided to make the system look more than difficult to get through, notwithstanding if you are an SEO blogger or a Blackhat blogger.

So, many of these rules have been stated as something that you might not have taken care of or you might have not heard of it at all and not in any way.

But quite frankly, we have decided to look deep into what we know and what has always happened to us with our clients here

We have come up with very reliable rules (Although predicted by our experts) which you must try to adhere to in the year 2019 and you must always try to keep to these rules as stated below.

Here are the rules you must severely look into as a new policy Google Adsense user;

Do not copy and paste articles as a new policy Google Adsense user
This might sound funny but its true as the era of copying and pasting for new policy Google Adsense users is really over.

When you are approved for a new policy Google Adsense, you are also approved for the original contents you have in your website and as such, any deviation from the kinds of contents you formerly have will result in an invalid activity and your website will stop Ad serving and at this point, you will have to start undergoing another verification process by the Google Adsense team.

Your content will be flagged as scrapped content or content that cannot be approved by the Google Adsense team and you will need to restructure your contents.

Funny thing is, even as you were able to get your website fully erased of the scrapped content, you will find it almost impossible to serve Google Adsense in your website again as they will never approve you for it forthwith pending the verification.

At this point, you will need to start up a new application for Google Adsense approval again notwithstanding you were approved before.

This is the safest thing to do when you copied contents from any source.

Do not use the same verification address for your Adsense verification to avoid BAN
Several cases of Google Adsense ban have been reported prior to the fact that several people do use the same address to verify their Google Adsense accounts.

Personally, we have treated above 20 cases of accounts getting banned as soon as the address we provided them are inserted in their Adsense accounts and the pins are generated.

Speaking of this issue, we cannot say exactly why this is happening but we have every reason to believe that the Google Adsense program has decided to place a ban on using the same address to verify more than one Google Adsense accounts.

So in this case, we might warn you not to indulge in any business about trying to ask people to use their commercial addresses to verify Google Adsense accounts for you. Better ask colleagues or friends in the aid countries to help you with their addresses.

You should try to call to service of your friends, relations and even families in the respected areas to help you out with their address or better still, you can apply or buy a Nigerian Adsense account and have everything done by yourself.

Google Adsense is really going into one website one Adsense account and not otherwise.

If you feel like we are not saying what we know, then you might try it out and notice it by yourself although it is strictly at owners’ risk.

We do have every reason to believe that the Google Adsense account reselling business will end soon as well as the Google Adsense pin verification service from several people and this is the reason we stopped verifying Google Adsense accounts so as to stay safe with our readers.

Always keep your Google Adsense CTR below 1%

Yes, you could get banned for this.

This is not what you would like to compromise as the Google Adsense team believe that your Google Adsense CTR must be below or equal to 1%.

Any number exceeding this must be taken real serious so we presume you would like to address where your clicks are coming from and how to reduce your CTR on Ads.

Our detailed guide on how to reduce Google Adsense CTR can come in handy here.

Do not try adding another website to a new policy Adsense account as the chances for approval is next to none
I suppose you must have tried this and you didn’t see any reasonable result.

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Doing this is almost next to trying exactly what will never work. It will be easier trying to get approved for a new Google Adsense account than trying to add an already existing website to an already existing new policy Google Adsense account and as such, you might want to save yourself the stress and apply for a new account.

Always expect a ban on your Google Adsense account for no reason
This is the last but it is never the least.

You should always expect a ban on your Google Adsense account every now and then without you actually doing anything wrong as Google can decide and do as they please.

Final thoughts

Keeping your website on the track with the rules of the game when it comes to Google Adsense and its rules, it will never be easy and we have decided to bring to your doorstep our long-time experience on the little changes we have seen so far just to keep you on the right track.

This is the reason we have decided to also bring you this golden opportunity to come partner with us on and earn 5 Times more what you ever earned with Google Adsense

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