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Forum Rules & Guidelines


Post by admin » March 4th, 2019, 6:54 pm

Earlyguru forum is an online information resource forum with discussion that covers Web Design, Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Program Reviews, Adnetwork Reviews, Get Paid To Programs, Make Money Online, Question and Answers, Education, Chit Chat etc.

Forum Rules

1. Trash Content: Posting of news, entertainment and topics not related to the above mentioned is not tolerated and it will be taken down immediately.

Any user reported 3 times for posting trash topics will be deleted automatically with their Username, IP and Email blacklisted.

2. Plagiarism (Copy & Paste): To maintain a healthy community, we do not allow copied content from other sites.

Any user found doing this will be banned without warning and all your earned points will be forfeited.

3. Multiple Account: You can only have one account per IP, If two or more users are found using the same IP, both accounts will be deleted and all earned points will be forfeited.

Note: Before we send you payouts, we will scan your IP to know if you comply.

4. Signature: Only links are allowed to be used as signature.

However, linking to malware sites, pornography sites are not allow.

5. Topic Replies: It is not mandatory you comment on every post, if you don't have anything informative to contribute, please don't comment.
If caught posting irrelevant comments, you'll be banned after several warnings and all earned points will be forfieted.

6. Duplicate Topics: Before starting a topic, please take a few minute to search for such topic on the forum, if such topic exist already please do not post them again.

7. Referral Links: On Earlyguru Forum, you are allowed to recommend program and services to other members using your referral links.

Please apply wisdom while doing this.



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