How To Apply & Get A Payoneer Card In Nigeria

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How To Apply & Get A Payoneer Card In Nigeria


Post by admin » January 14th, 2018, 10:30 am

Complete Guide! How To Apply & Get Your Payoneer Master Card For Free In Nigeria.

Hello and welcome on board,
*Please read this guide carefully and follow all the steps to the letter.

Do you know what a Payoneer Card is?

I am sure you do, that's why you want to apply for the card, right?
However for those who don't know, please read Everything You Should Know About Payoneer.

Lets get started!

If you have apply for this card before and didn't get the card deliver to you, Please Start Afresh.

But Why?
You might have missed a very important step in your previous appication that you may never be able to correct (Why fill a new drink in an od bottle).

Visit Payoneer official website to sign up.
You can go to the website from here :-

Payoneer 3.jpg
Fill in your details.
Note: Your First name is your own name, the one you are called by (e.g Tunde, Kehinde)
Your Last name is your surname... You should know you surname, right!

Payoneer 2.jpg
Your contact details
Here you'll have to fill in your correct address and your phone number (very important).
Use a postal code that is very close/accessible to where you live. A local post office postal code will do. Click here to see all postal codes in Nigeria.

Payoneer 3.jpg
Enter Your security details
Note: You must remember the password you will choose here, if not, you'll might get locked out of your account forever.

Important: National ID - Use your voters card or drivers licence if you have one.
ID Number - Enter all or the last four digits of your voters card VIN Number.

Payoneer 4.jpg
Choose the currency you want to for your card
* USD or EUR
Enter the name of Your Nigeria Bank
Enter Your Bank Account Number
Enter Your Bank Swift Code (For GT Bank: GTBINGLA)

Click here to see the swift code of all Banks in Nigeria

From here you will receive an email from Payoneer about the estimated delivery time of your card. Delivery of card takes between 3-4 weeks.

If you have any question on this, please use the comment box below.




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