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Where To Get Free Web Hosting


Post by admin » January 21st, 2018, 1:08 pm

Best Free Web Hosting 2018
No doubt, web hosting are relatively cheap nowadays, you can get as low as #150 + per month. However, why would i want to pay to host a not too important project, here is where the thought of free web hosting comes to mind. We'll take a look at some free web hosting we can try our hand on, there are a lot of them, some provide you with the hosting and they in turn place some adverts on your website while some give you absolutely free without placing any ads on your site. Here are some good ones that doesnt place adverts on your site.

Xtreem host is one of the free web hosting you can get out there, they provide hosting that is completely ads free. They offer you a vista C-panel with 30 one click web scripts you can choose from. Other features you get to enjoy includes;
100GB Monthly Bandwidth
2500MB Webspace
50MB - 1 MySQL database Space
1 Add-on Domain
Another good thing about xtreemhost is that you can decide to monetise your website while still on free plan.

OOOwebhost is another free web hosting that is ads free, they provide you with a C-panel with one click fantastico installer with 10 scripts you can choose from. Their free plan includes
Latest Php& Mysql support
1500MB Diskspacee
100GB Per month data transfer
2 Mysql Database
5 Add-on Domains
5 Email Addressses

Bytehost is another tested and trusted free host out there, they provide you with ads free web hosting. You get to enjoy the following free webhosting feature
1GB Diskspace
50 GB Bandwidth
5 Add-on Domains
5 Email Address
Free Subomains

Without any doubt, free webhosting is good, but only ideal for a website that is just starting out or in its test phase. As soon as your website starts getting a considerable amount of traffic, it is advisable to upgrade to a paid plan, else you mmight loose you website after exceeding the alloted space.
Another thing one must take note before using a free host is reading their Terms, this is very essential so you don't go against their terms to avoid your website being suspended without prior notice.

More to come!

If you know any other good free web host that are ads free, kindly drop them in the comment box below!



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Re: Where To Get Free Web Hosting


Post by Ub4sure » February 15th, 2018, 8:10 pm

Good one! I will try them out. Thanks


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Where To Get Free Web Hosting


Post by Profolaafe » April 13th, 2018, 3:42 pm

Thanks for the information
I would try one of them for a blog



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