How To Refer A Member With Your Referral Link

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How To Refer A Member With Your Referral Link


Post by admin » February 15th, 2018, 10:59 am

Here is a quick guide on how to refer a new member to this forum using your unique referral link.
Members are rewarded with 250 EG-COIN for each member that sign up using their link.
New members also get sign up bonus of 100 EG-COINS.

1. From the user menu bar - click on Edit Profile
2. From the viewing user profile page - click on Edit Profile

3. On the edit profile page, where you have Overview - Profile - Board Preferences , Click on the drop down option after - Board Preferences
4. Click on Referrals to view your unique Referral link

Please note, only members with more than 15 posts will be rewarded for referrals.




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