How To Prevent Adsense From Banning Your Account/Website

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How To Prevent Adsense From Banning Your Account/Website


Post by admin » Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:53 pm


Over the years, I hear people complain bitterly about Adsense permanently banning/suspending their site(s) from using their service. Many claim they didn't do anything that warrants their ban while some know exactly what they did (they tried to out smart Adsense to increase their earnings). Whatever the case may be, I am strongly of the opinion that Adsense don't just slam you a ban without doing anything contradictory to their TOS.

Enough stories, let's get to business - How Can You Prevent Adsense Ban/Suspension
Here are some of the things you need to prevent from happening to keep your Adsense account safe.

1. Clicking Your Our Ads
Ads on your site are meant for your visitors and not you. Many new websites often spend time visiting their site several times in a day instead of focusing on building their contents, promoting and building backlinks to their site. Don't get me wrong, there is need for you to visit once in a while to see what your visitors experience is like when they visit, but the more you visit the higher the risk of you click on your ads by mistake. You might get away with it a couple of times, but with time you'll be penalized.

2. Asking People To Click On Your Ads
Adsense has been around for a long time, they have sophisticated tools to detect invalid/multiple clicks. For instance, Your ask your friend Mr A. to help with some clicks, on landing on your site, bang! bang! bang! he generated 5-10 clicks in 15 seconds. My friend, you'll get your Adsense account banned soon.

3. Manipulating Ads Behaviour
When you configure your ads to look more exactly like the contents of your pages, making it difficult for your visitors to distinguish between them and contents, this will definitely give you unnecessary clicks/impression that will result to your account being suspended/ban

4. Your Website Content
Webmasters are completely loyal when seeking Adsense approval by following the laid down guideline, as soon as they get their site approved, they change to promoting illegal and copyrighted contents.
Here are some of the contents Adsense doesn't want to see on your site.
1. Explicit/Pornography contents
2. Promoting Gambling
3. Sharing hacking tutorials and copyrighted contents.
The list is things that can get you into trouble are enormous. It is advisable you read and digest the google webmasters guidelines to know all the rules.

Comments and contributions are highly welcome below! :mrgreen:





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