What Is The Best Paid Forum Software?

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What Is The Best Paid Forum Software?


Post by luminous » May 10th, 2018, 2:07 am

I really don't have much experience with forum development. I need suggestions on the best paid forum software available.
What I mean by best, is in term of design, features and flexibility.
I am hoping to build a forum community in the near future, and here are some of the features i'll like to have on it.
1. Free and Premium membership - Free members will have access to some features while the premium members will have exclusive access to contents.
2. Market Place - Something like that of seoclerk, I'll like premium members to be able to list their products/services.
3. Payment Integration - When listed items are purchased, the payments will go into a bulk system where it will be disbursed to sellers after 24 hours.
4. Referral - I'll like members (paid or premium) who refer people to buy the listed product get a commission with premium members having higher commission than regular members.
5. Chat system - Premium members chat area and general chat area all members including guest.

Which is the best bulletin board software do you think can do this?



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What Is The Best Paid Forum Software?


Post by samloko » June 21st, 2018, 3:22 pm

hmmmm....... That's gonna be a huge project. How about you source it out to a web developer and save yourself some headache.
That's what I'll do if I were you



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