Can I Use Adsense on A Forum Website?

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Can I Use Adsense on A Forum Website?


Post by luminous » Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:52 pm

Webmasters often ask if the can use Adsense on their forum or if Adsense can ever accept their application for a forum website whenever the thought of creating a forum pop up in their head.
Here is what you need to know, Adsense will accept whatever form of website you create, (blogs, forum, e-commerce etc.), as long as the site is easy to navigate and in compliance with Adsense Term of Service.

However, getting Adsense approval for a forum might be a little bit difficult, here is why:
On forums, the lengths of articles are usually thin, users often come on to ask questions, and the answers provided by other members are usually in few sentences.
By this, you'll get more of Insufficient Content response from Adsense on your application.

Here is the way out,
In the initial stage of your application, you need to curate lengthy original articles by yourself or you hire someone to do this based on your niche, this will allow Adsense to know the types of ads that can be served on your forum based on the text of the articles.

After your Adsense approval, You need to take note of this:
* You shouldn't allow Adsense ads to display on pages with little or no contents, pages such as Login page, Registration page, About us and Privacy policy.

Let's have your questions if any 👍



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