bill gate tals on economy

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bill gate tals on economy


Post by Cliff » August 26th, 2018, 10:11 pm

Bill gate has concluded that the system of Demand and Supply are changing fast and the people as well as the government are not adapting quickly. He says that we live in a world with more intangible products like Software and other programs.

These intangible products differ from how our own basic economy was built upon, now let's take an example.

A person develops a piece of software and all they need to do is to make as many copies as the market demands and apparently making those copies Cost nothing at all not even a Penny. But if it's a car, the copies demands more materials to produce more of it.

Bill gate reviewed his distinction as seen in his post about a book titled Capitalism without Capital.
He says;
"What the book reinforced for me is that lawmakers need to adjust their economic policymaking to reflect these new realities," Gates writes. "For example, the tools many countries use to measure intangible assets are behind the times, so they're getting an incomplete picture of the economy."




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