Opinion: Which Web Host Are You Using and How Reliable Are They?

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Opinion: Which Web Host Are You Using and How Reliable Are They?


Post by admin » November 27th, 2018, 10:18 pm

Talking of web hosting companies, webmasters strive to get the best hosting company to power their sites. Yeah, we all know what impact a bad hosting service can do to a site.

Guys please let's do this by sharing our honest opinion(s) about our web hosting providers! This will go a long way in helping the newbies and also those who are contemplating on moving their sites to another hosting providers.

Which web host are you using currently?

How long have you been using the hosting company?

Can you recommend their services to anyone?

What are the challenges you think a new client might face if they decide to host with them?

How will you rate them out of 10?

Honest opinion please!🙏




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