What Are The Best Websites To Learn Web Design and Development Free Online?

Wanna learn how to design blog? Have Html, Css, Php, Javascript, JQuery questions? Have questions on CMS, Softwares?
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What Are The Best Websites To Learn Web Design and Development Free Online?


Post by Olubest » December 6th, 2018, 2:20 pm

There are a lot of sites online that are stock pile with web design and development learning resources free online for those who are good at learning it themselves, doing it on their own. It's a good thing to learn at your own pace but personally I am an advocate of start the learning offline, (i.e get enrolled into a web design/development class) - this gives you the opportunity to interact with your tutor and colleagues in real time when you a faced with challenges and that will further facilitate or speed up the learning process and you get to network with others.

That's by the way, to the discussion of the day.

What website do you think has the best web design/development resources to learn from free online.

My opinion,
YouTube - It should be the first place to look at for tutorials and learning resources. You get to see how it is done step by step.

W3school - Also a very good site to learn from free online. This isn't like YouTube where you see the video of how it is being done step by step with instructions form a tutor but here you get instruction and codes for every steps, all you need to do is implement and learn it by heart.

What are your own top sites for learning web design and development?




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