What Countries Would You Like To Visit? Why?

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What Countries Would You Like To Visit? Why?


Post by Queenbee » March 6th, 2019, 10:02 am

One of the few things I believe everyone should strive to achieve in their lifetime is traveling out of their country of origin. In my opinion, anywhere is acceptable as long as you leave your native land.

If I have the opportunity, I'll like to tour round the whole world, be the first person to visit all the 195 countries of the world if there is no one holding the title.

If I have the opportunity to visit a few countries, my top countries will be France (Paris), Russia, China, America, South Africa.

Russia - I want to see how life is in Russia during the winter.
France a visit to Eiffel Tower and Paris will be a priority.

Generally, I want to see how things are done there, I want to eat their dishes, I want to see how beautiful their men and women are, I want to see things I've read in books, watched in movies about them.

If the opportunity to visit some countries present itself, which countries would you choose to visit?




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